Continuing our relationship with Tupperware, in 2011, Pier Productions, Inc. was heavily involved in the creation of a new immersive experience located at Tupperware Headquarters here in Orlando called the Tupperware Confidence Center.

Beth Schultz spent more than half a year acquiring and organizing content for, and assisting in the creation of, the displays used at the Center.  Created to not only celebrate and honor the Company’s heritage but also to shine a spotlight on present and future endeavors.

Located just behind the main lobby at the historic Tupperware Brands Global Headquarters in South Orlando, the Confidence Center immerses and informs visitors of Tupperware Brands’ legacy. Touch-screen multi-lingual kiosks display videos and product ranges as well as amusing interactive quizzes.

Tupperware Brands Global Headquarters welcomes visitors to experience the new Confidence Center and to shop at the Company Store. Open to the public Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

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