Here are just a few things Pier Productions can do for you.

Our Services

Let us help you bring your ideas to life.

Over the years, we’ve developed the best way to produce content for a wide array of businesses.


Commercials – We’ve produced countless commercials for a wide array of products over the years, from a Super Bowl commercial, to various Disney attractions.


Sometimes, you can’t rush the story.  Perhaps it’s too important, or maybe it just required a bit more attention.  This is where a documentary can help, and we have experience in those as well.


Our careers began producing promotional content for local news stations.  Since then, we’ve created promos for Disney, Universal, and Tupperware.  It’s our forte.

Theme Park Content

Being based in Orlando, theme parks are our bread and butter.  We’ve produced content for the best parks in the world, including Walt Disney World, Shanghai Disneyland, Universal Studios Florida, and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Marketing Videos

Need to get the word out about your company and the good work you do?  We can help.  Video and web video is the quickest and most impactful way to communicate your abilities to clients.

Training Videos

Perhaps your company has a large amount of employees and you want to train them in a new skill.  We’ve done just that for 7-11, Wyndam, Disney, and Tupperware.

Depositions/Court Re-enactments

Video is a powerful tool and there is no match in moving an audience than moving images.  If you need to recreate a scene for court, or produce a video to impact a jury, we’ve got experience doing that as well.

"Behind the Scenes" Videos

When shooting a movie or TV show, sometimes you want to document the experience, either for future promotion or historical archives.  Let us produce that video to maximize the impact of the production and crew.

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

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