Tale of Two Tellys

Many in the entertainment industry will tell you that the various awards given to a company, person or project, don’t mean too much. This may stem from jealousy (not everyone has an award attached to their name) or proof from the past (I can name you several times when the award given was not deserved) or perhaps it is just the truth. There are so many different awards given in our industry and they are given out so often, that it has diminished their luster.

I choose to look at an award as more than just a “good job” on that project, but more an observance of a body of work or even an entire career. A while back, Denzel Washington was not given a Best Actor Oscar for his performance in “The Hurricane”, which he clearly deserved. The following year, he did win, but for a much lesser quality movie (Training Day). This was clearly an apology to Denzel for his previous snub. But few can argue that the man didn’t deserve to be recognized.

The same goes for Emmys and Tellys. Many times these awards are given to a person or company mainly for their body of work, not just one particular project.  Pier Productions is no different. Recently, we were awarded our second Telly award. The first one we received for a video we did at Disney for the Make A Wish Foundation.  This time, it was given for our first collaboration with NBC/Golf Channel, an episode we edited for “Golf Now“.  We are always honored to receive awards and we are very proud of our relationships with both Disney and NBC.  So, we proudly accept and display our awards for these projects, and look forward to more in the future.

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