With the recent increase in clients and jobs, Pier Productions has decided to expand and upgrade our current arsenal of technology.  Our main Avid is being upgraded to a 64 bit operating system and increased ram as well as 3 terabytes of hard drive space all to take care of our ever increasing high definition work.

Furthermore, we’ve added a second backup Avid/DVD Authoring station to handle our huge demand for DVDs, Quicktimes, and WMV files. This system, also 64 bit, sports a Windows 7 operating system, a 24 inch monitor and a whopping 9 gigs of ram, as well as another 2 terabytes of drive space. Connected over our high speed network, the two machines will increase our productivity which is needed with our growing workload. Finally, out with the old standard definition monitors and in with a new HDMI, wall mounted high def monitor. These upgrades simply reflect our core values of providing the best possible product at the best possible price and we look forward to announcing future expansion in the coming months.

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