Welcome to the web page for “Little Luminaria”.  This is a book written and illustrated by the Mother/Son team of Beth Schultz and Jeremy Weed. The video was edited by Christopher Weed and narrated by Ian Weed; a family affair of epic proportions!

“Little Luminaria” is inspired by our family’s yearly commitment to and involvement in The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life of Hunter’s Creek. As a family we have been involved with this cause since 2005. At first we were involved peripherally by producing a marketing video for the event. The thing about Relay For Life and particularly Hunter’s Creek Relay For Life (AKA: Best Relay Ever), is once you are involved it begins to infect you with its spirit. We’re not doctors or scientists so this is how we can do our small part to make a change for the future of all of us.

We continued our minimal involvement for a number of years, producing a few videos, making donations or walking laps. Then, in 2013, at the age of 9, Jeremy says, “I want to have my own Relay team.” When a child wants to volunteer their time in the community, how do you say no?  We are team Jeremy Kickin’ Cancer.

As I said before, Relay begins to become a part of you and this book is born out of that. The Luminaria Ceremony by far is the most moving ceremony at Relay For Life. We wanted to honor that special ceremony and create this story.

Just one among many, this special luminaria has a gift to offer beyond the scope of its small size. Through its light the Little Luminaria offers hope, light and love.

Please enjoy this video based on the book. For every purchase of this book, all profits will go to benefit The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.  You can purchase your own copy of “Little Luminaria” at: www.createspace.com/5802493.  It is also available at Amazon.com.


Beth Schultz

Beth Schultz


Beth Schultz is a video writer and producer living in Orlando, Florida with her equally creative husband and 2 children.  This is her first book.

Jeremy Weed

Jeremy Weed


Jeremy Weed is an 11 year old student and avid illustrator living in Orlando, Florida. Whenever he is not drawing, Jeremy enjoys many activities including reading comic books.

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