Pier Productions, Inc. adds Blu-Ray Authoring

When we started in this business, back in the early ’90’s, the options available to clients were limited when it came to formats to take your product with you.  Then, it usually meant an expensive tape format like a Beta, Digi-Beta, or a low grade duplication on VHS.  Today, the options are nearly endless.  This is great for clients, but difficult for us because keeping up with long list of deliverable options can be costly and time consuming.  Now that we are fully HD, those options can also be problematic.  However, Pier Productions prides itself on giving the client what they need and more importantly what they want.  That is why we offer many deliverable options to our clients to fit their needs.  We can deliver to various tape formats, although that is becoming less required.  Mostly we are asked to provide a file based format like Windows Media files, Quicktimes, and MPEGs, and of course we offer all those in a multitude of codecs.   We also offer a DVD of the product which can be a movie only, or authored with menus and other options like closed captioning and alternate audio tracks.

DVDs have served us well in the past, but recently there has been an increase in requests to keep the video in full HD, not to down convert it to standard def like we have to for DVD.  So, now we are offering a new option, Blu-Ray discs.  Blu-Ray offers all the versatility and convenience of DVD but in full 1080p HD.  We offer, just like DVDs, an option of having the disc play just the video or have a menu with all the options that come with that.  Alternate audio, closed captioning, animated menus and unique first plays are all available.

Pier Productions is always looking to the future for more options to offer our clients and are proud to be able to provide so many at this time.  We look forward to offering more advancements in the future.

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