working during a global pandemic

2020 will forever be remembered as the year everything in the entertainment industry changed forever.

the impact of 2020

covid 19 and the florida

tv industry

Orlando theme parks have reported an 80% decrease in attendence, and many of the larger projects have been postponed or even cancelled.  Layoff announcements are coming in droves every single day.  With the entertainment industry in shambles, professionals have had to get creative in how they do business.  For many, it means scrambling to create a home office conducive to working creatively.  For us at Pier Productions, it’s been business as usual since we were already working remotely long before the pandemic.  Having all the tools to perform fully professional edits is just plain a necessity for freelance editors.  We’ve used this very system to edit shows for Discovery Channel and NBC, and edit projects for Walt Disney, Lucasfilm and Universal Studios.  We look forward to providing these tools for creatives all around the world for years to come and we also look forward to the day this pandemic is a distant memory.

Staying socially distanced for an editor isn’t that hard.  It’s pretty much how we prefer to work anyway.  High speed fiber optic network, and a powerful edit system are at the heart of what powers us, even when there isn’t a pandemic.

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