In 2016, the Walt Disney Company hired us to provide video and support for the yet to be opened Shanghai Disneyland Resort. The project involved providing edits for a series of shows that play at the Tomorrowland Stage at the park.  It culminated with a month long journey to the People’s Republic of China to oversee install and the grand opening of the park.  The resort opened to guests on June 16th, 2016 to rave reviews.

The design of Shanghai Disney Resort carefully reflects the desire for peaceful surroundings and family bonding time that are so important in Chinese culture. In Shanghai Disneyland, Gardens of Imagination is the first land at a Disney park designed as a garden, with 15 acres of lush, green space for families to gather and relax. Wishing Star Park, just outside the main entrance to Shanghai Disneyland, evokes the native landscape and historic legacy of China’s Yangtze River Delta. The park offers guests a chance to escape the busy pace of modern life to enjoy vibrant and thriving natural habitats, including woodlands and gardens with both Chinese and Western roses.

This is yet another Disney chapter in our company’s past.  We were very proud to be part of this historical project and hope the park provides decades of enjoyment for people around the world.


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